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Since 1964, Frebar Construction Corp. has excavated properties and installed yard drainage systems for numerous home and business owners throughout Westchester & Putnam counties New York. Look to us to solve drainage problems that will protect your property as well as the areas surrounding your land.

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French Drains – A French drain stops water from invading your home before it reaches the foundation.
Dry Wells – Instead of adding excess water from downspouts that drains to your lawn, drywells are sub-surface chambers that store and dispose of water by returning it to the ground naturally.
Surface Drains – Eliminate wet areas that can turn into ice. Stop water from seeping into garage doors with surface catch basins and strip drains.
Gutter Drains – Divert the water coming off your roof away from your home to prevent flooding and property damage.
Storm Drains – Large-scale water issues need large-scale solutions. Storm drains help you when the weather is at its worst.
Drainage Pits – Areas designated as drainage pits will keep wet areas away from you and your family.
Box Drains – Simple box drains can make the difference between a wet lawn or patio and a dry one.
Driveway Drains – Many driveways slope towards your home, leaving little to stop runoff from entering your garage or basement. Driveway drains will stop water in its tracks.
Standing Water Drainage Solutions – Enhancing soil composition by adding gravel to wet areas is often sufficient to make them usable.




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